your vital from & mdash; & mdash; Suoliduowa. & Ldquo; a thousand miles begins with one step & rdquo; and the first step, you need the right pair of shoes, with your journey on life’s journey, the first line. Then the sentence: Everything we have today is the result of choice and beyond, only to start from the foot & mdash; & mdash; Suoliduowa Please keep the news source article reprint: Station West urban network, the world’s christian louboutin outlet usa large[Station West City Network -] Embroidery Finished Dai is able to weave a good ethnic embroidery, in Gengma Dai Wa Autonomous County, Dai has a long history of traditional embroidery, Ming Dynasty Jingtai “Yunnan Maps of Annals” Bangladesh government set Dai women’s clothing such records: & ldquo; body drapery embroidered and decorated with Kebei & rdquo ;. Dai embroidery used for uppers.

children hats, & ldquo; & rdquo ;, pillowcases and other buildings. Where exquisite embroidery embroidered shoes, colorful, called Dai traditional embroidery boutique. Gengma Dai embroidered shoes, accessories, according to the pattern is divided into two: one is satin color silk embroidery Hua Xie, the other is a gold sequined velvet embroidered shoes. Cai Hua Xie satin silk embroidery production process is: first batter made with a rag and & ldquo; & rdquo shell fabric after ;, dry upper cut, then select shoes fabric upper cut to size by using needle stitching on the uppers, and then use Cut out the pattern of tissue attached to the uppers embroidered with colored silk embroidered. Gold sequined velvet embroidered shoes with the former practice of roughly the same, after a good christian louboutin outlet usa embroidery in red, gold and silver, bright platinum foil embellishment to make even more magnificent eye-catching embroidered shoes. Dai Dai women embroidered shoes are artistic creation in the life practice, there are hundreds of tread pattern. Dai smart intelligent woman good at discovering the United States, to create beauty, they put the good of the natural environment as embroidered flowers and scenery themes, quite the breath of life. Upper background selection varies age. Young women prefer light green, yellow, pink and white; middle-aged women multiple-choice blue and gray, black. Pass from generation to generation, shoe design has evolved into a certain number of cultural symbols, is rich in content: & ldquo; The Female Indiana & rdquo; a symbol of wealth, good fortune; & ldquo; seasonal fruits & rdquo; metaphor for the harvest and sub-Sun Xingwang; powder floral, flowers, peach is the reproduction of natural beauty Dai people; deer, peacocks and other exotic animals are implied specific aesthetic, beliefs content. Applicable christian louboutin outlet usa wear embroidered shoes, is an important festival when people dress.

but also exquisite workmanship crafts. Before the founding of New China, embroidered shoes as a symbol of status and wealth, power, and only lord, toast and its officials and other aristocratic families of children can wear civilian dress generally prohibited. Today, the beauty of the Dai women, everyone can wear homemade embroidered shoes, with its unique artistic charm, a border town Gengma of a beautiful cultural landscape. Please keep the news source article reprint: Station West urban network, the world’s largeSimple christian louboutin outlet usa classification briefly shoes Shoes general classification: the main injection and cold bonding two categories. Injection is a machine-made shoes, uppers tie after the last aluminum, generally by turntable machine directly into the PVC, TPR and other materials, disposable form a sole, and now there are PU (polyurethane chemical name) Injection (machines and molds with Usually different injection). Advantages: Because it is machine made, yield, low care prices. Disadvantages: If style, changing the mold is more complicated, shoes stereotypes difficulties, not cold sticky shoes and exquisite workmanship.

it is generally suitable for the sole single style orders. Cold bonding is done by hand, we generally say shoes, Italy, Spain, designer shoes that fall into this category. Generally require cold sticky pipeline processing (except cottage), cold sticky soles are generally responsible christian louboutin outlet usa for playing by the soles of factories, if they do not have the sole molds that require additional mold, generally more than double shoe factory 1w free mold. Approach is to use a plastic uppers and soles after last good shape glued together. Advantages: fine workmanship make better shoes. Cons: small daily output, higher prices, more generally suitable for medium-sized factories to scale. Difference method: the difference between a cold and injection sticky shoes most obvious feature is the sole.

heel shoes injection or edge lines there, it is because the shoes left out of the mold. The cold sticky soles and uppers piece is bonded soles that side, it is not apparent. Besides part of the shoes: shoes mainly by the uppers, lining (lining), before and after the hot bottom, front and rear header, in the end (also called end-inch).